We Are Naive

Founded in 2007, Naive is an all-round production company with friends and clients all over the world. In our office, based in Stockholm, Sweden, we’ve gathered directors, project managers, art directors, post production talents and multifaceted creatives to make sure we can meet our clients various needs, from undeveloped concepts to complete projects. With our broad expertise we mix technological skills with a burning creative interest to get the most out of every project. We’re always looking to face new challenges and meet new friends.

Mainly, we’re focused on three groups of projects: commercials, broadcast and post production. Whether it’s live action, animation or a cross over, we truly enjoy to mix our various inhouse and network talents to get a new, interesting approach.


We are rather new to commercials, but thanks to a wide experience in other fields, we hit the ground running. We’ve already made commercials for everything from hair products to credit cards and a full 3D paper commercial. Naturally, we’re very excited to see what comes next!


With over 600 minutes of broadcasted material, Naive is everything but fresh in the television game. So far we have intros, an animated children’s show and graphic packages for both national and international clients in our portfolio, to mention some, which gives us a stable foundation to start from in any project.

Post production

Post production is sort of an affair of the heart for us. No matter if it’s a full length feature film or a 15 seconds commercial, the Naive team has the experience needed to, in a fast and professional way, give any project that final touch.