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We hope that you’ve found our work interesting and perhapse you’ve also read a bit about us so, well, we suppose now there is only one thing left: it’s time for you to tell us who YOU are! Either you can choose one of the people in the gallery below to contact or, if you just want to make new friends or don’t quite know who to turn to, send an email to, and we’ll herd you to the right person!

GENERAL ENQUIRIES +46 (0)8 720 6679


Riddargatan 23a




We are always looking for new, talented co-workers. Regardless if you want to be an intern or freelance, we’d love to hear from you. As the company grows, with more and more projects by the minute, we need more working power. Compositors, CGI artists, animators, editors and producers are only some of the talents we’re interested in. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our creative team, feel free to contact us and show is what you’ve got! Type an e-mail, give us a link to your portfolio and/or reel and send it to and we’ll have a look at it!

Andreas Öhman

Creative Director +46 (0)70-2 22 66 79

Carl-Johan Listherby

Art Director +46 (0)73-553 84 87

Oskar Gullstrand

Creative +46 (0)73-515 73 68

Cornelia Möller

Project Manager +46 (0(8 720 66 79

On Parental Leave

Sara-Lotta Grahn

Producer/Project Manager -

On Leave

Fredrik Lundberg

- -

On Parental Leave

Caroline Sandberg

Producer/Project Manager -

Jonathan Sjöberg

Producer +46 (0)73-537 39 00

Linus Kullman

Creative +46 (0)76-709 91 06

Jonas Lindman

Creative +46 (0)70-740 04 51

Robin Jonsson

Creative +46 (0)73-834 23 33

Daivd Nalci

Creative/Tech +46 (0)70-491 43 51